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Rebels with a cause; we are a collection of individuals striving to create beauty and community in an oversaturated world. From digital presence to the incorporation of tech into brick and mortar establishments - we help our clients elevate their customer experience. Our inclusive content and brand activations invigorate, intrigue, and engage users; creating a lasting branded experience. Innovation, diversity, and community are our founding principals. Join us, the Praxis Syndicate, in creating a brave, beautiful, new world.

UI/UX Design

Intuitive web design that creates a unique and lasting branded digital experience is the focus of our web development.

App Development

Custom applications for any industry designed by industry leaders with the consumer in mind.

Digital Design

From custom graphics to interactive physical experiences, our team’s designs transcend the the traditional.


In an over saturated digital space, creating inclusive and engaging campaigns is essential for commercial success.


Redefining consumer interactions to curate a branded experience from the website to the showroom.


With our analytic tools, creating poignant campaigns and strategy is simpler than ever before.


Improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

Creative Direction

With poise and style we help companies find their voice by creating a strong digital & physcal presence.

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Praxis Syndicate

You'll enjoy working with us. We expect to be held to a higher standard… And we can't wait to get started.


Project schedules are more than meaningless calendar notifications. At Praxis, meeting deadlines is paramount.


From start to finish, our team takes pride in liaising with our clients throughout the entire life of the project. We will be with you every step of the way.


Our diversity in personnel allows for a fresh perspective from professionals across a plethora of operating verticals.


We are experts in satisfying our client’s needs and expectations. With honesty and integrity, our mantra has always been under-promise and over-deliver.

Noteworthy Skillsets

Diversity in thought and perspective leads to incredibly strong and inclusive branding, design, and content. With our perspectives combined, these skills have proven invaluable across the board.


Web & App

UI/UX Design


Digital Experiences


Praxis Syndicate is a family of creative visionaries that excels in blending its experience, creativity and technical knowledge to tailor a digital and physical presence to fit our clients' needs.

Design & Development

Progressive, yet unique & professional, digital concepts

Praxis Syndicate believes design to be at its best when expressed through simplicity. We command attention with captivating designs.

Device Mock ups done by Praxis Syndicate
Macbooks falling with Praxis Syndicate  work

Business Consulting & Marketing

Knowing your customer is always the first hurdle. How to market to them comes next.

Whether looking to build the perfect pitch book for your next round of seed financing, or strategizing to increase reach and revenues for your established brand, Praxis Syndicate has the depth of knowledge and experience to deliver.

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Our Work

A deeper look into the things we do, how we produce, and why our clients end up digitally successful.

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